What is Electrolysis?

Electrology is the only FDA-Approved method for the permanent removal of hair.

Electrolysis was first put into use in 1875 by Dr. Charles Michel, a St. Louis ophthalmologist for the permanent destruction of painful ingrown eye lash hair follicles. And still today, electrology is the ONLY FDA method approved for truly permanent hair removal.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes electrology in Title 21, CFR, Sec. 878.5350 and states, “A needle-type epilator is a device intended to destroy the dermal papilla (root area) of a hair by applying electric current at the tip of a fine needle that has been inserted close to the hair shaft, under the skin, and into the dermal papilla.”

No other device has the unique identification of destroying the dermal papilla of a hair and only electrologists are permitted to claim permanent hair removal in their advertising. No other hair removal devices, including LASER, have been able to achieve this FDA identification.

How is Electrolysis different from LASER?

Simply put:

For LASER to work most effectively, it needs dark colored hair and light colored skin.

Electrolysis works on ANY color hair (yes, even those pesky grays).
Electrolysis works on ANY type of hair.
Electrolysis works ANY WHERE on the body – from the top of your head to the tops of your toes.


While electrolysis is not perfectly comfortable, most people find the brief sensation of heat to be quite tolerable. It is impossible to destroy hair growth tissue without some sensation. Numbing creams may be used, if needed, in excessively sensitive situations.

Electrolysis treatment is delivered through a single, sterile probe that is gently aligned with the hair and inserted into the existing hair follicle. You do not typically feel this insertion as the probe slides into the existing opening, alongside the hair. When the probe reaches the end of the hair follicle, a small amount of heat is emitted (which feels like a tingle or small bug bite). This heat cauterizes (or seals off) the junction between the blood supply and the hair root, eliminating the nutrient supply to the root and removing the ability for that follicle to produce hair… permanently!


The short answer: likely more than 1.

The number of treatments varies with each person depending on their hormone levels, medications, previous hair removal methods and a variety of additional factors that are discussed during your initial free consultation. Hair grows (and sheds) in cycles. Therefore, to achieve optimum results in the shortest period of time, it is very important to adhere to the recommended treatment schedule to ‘catch’ and treat the hair while it is still in the growth portion of its’ cycle.

A brief word on Hirsutism

Hirsutism is excessive body hair in men and women on parts of the body where hair is normally absent or minimal. The amount of androgen (ie: testosterone) in your body varies throughout your life but is typically more prevalent during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Medications, obesity, diabetes and illness may also increase androgen levels and cause hirsutism. These situations may require physician intervention. Electrolysis is necessary to permanently remove hair growth that has been activated by such hormonal changes.

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A brief word on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS refers to a group of symptoms generated due to elevated androgens (male hormones) in females. Signs and symptoms of PCOS include irregular or no menstrual periods, heavy periods, excess body and facial hair, acne, pelvic pain, difficulty getting pregnant, and patches of thick, darker, velvety skin.

Associated conditions may include type 2 diabetes, obesity, obstructive sleep apnea, heart disease, mood disorders, and endometrial cancer.

We are here to help you with the excess hair growth portion of PCOS. If you are female and find yourself with excess body and facial hair, alongside of any of these other conditions, physician intervention is strongly suggested.

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Treatment sessions start at $50.
A FREE, no obligation consultation is provided during your first visit to:

  • Educate you on the process of electrology
  • Determine your eligibility to receive electrolysis treatments and
  • Outline a plan for the permanent removal of your unwanted hair

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