Meet the Team

Julie Foster, LE, CCE, CME

Since establishing A Bare Necessity in 2018, Julie Foster has quickly distinguished herself as a professional focused on the field of permanent hair removal. Recognized for her knowledge as a licensed electrologist, esthetician, and laser hair removal expert, her credentials include training from South Florida’s Laser and Beauty Institute, Melbourne’s Space Coast Education Center, Laser Blazers of St. Augustine, and a multitude of additional hands-on training throughout the State.

Julie has served on the board of directors for the Electrolysis Society of Florida (ESF) and actively participates in ESF’s annual training conferences, webinars and workshops.

Growing up as a young girl covered with unwanted dark hair, Julie maintains a profound commitment to providing top-tier hair removal treatments – she understands dysphoria and for her, it’s personal.  Julie’s practice is grounded in a deep understanding of hair growth cycles and she is passionate in finding the most efficient and cost-effective ways to eliminate unwanted hair.

Her dedication to excellence in both electrolysis and laser hair removal technologies is reflected in her talent for meticulous precision, the continuous pursuit of advanced training, and her adherence to the highest standards of practice in order to ensure safe, effective, and personalized care for her clients.

Emily Tobin, CPE

After graduating top of her class from the Electrolysis and Laser Beauty Institute of Orlando, Florida, Emily received her Electrologist License. She trained with owner and electrologist, Julie Foster in A Bare Necessity’s specialized permanent hair removal techniques. As an active member of the Electrolysis Society of Florida (ESF), Emily is committed to leveling up her skills through continued education and pursues every opportunity to further her industry knowledge as a dedicated professional.

Emily first discovered electrolysis when she was experiencing difficulties finding effective solutions to remove ingrown hairs on her face and body. After receiving treatments from Julie, she discovered that electrolysis was not only effective but also inspired her ever-evolving curiosity about the process of permanent hair removal.

Emily is one of the most down-to-earth people you’ll ever meet. Her innate ability to connect with others naturally provides a sense of ease and kindness in all she does.  She develops genuine relationships with her clients, and as a result, they request her treatments time and time again.

As a previous electrolysis client herself, Emily knows how rewarding permanent hair removal treatments can be and feels honored to bring that compassion to a profession that offers comfort, improved self-confidence, and a life-changing sense of well-being for others.