Laser Hair Removal

Our Cutting-Edge Approach

A Bare Necessity harnesses the power of the Asclepion MeDioStar® Laser, to deliver top a notch hair removal experience in Melbourne, Florida.

A Bare Necessity has the only ONE-OF-ITS-KIND in Brevard County!

This Laser boosts the LARGEST SPOT SIZE available in the hair removal industry at 10cm2 per shot which = faster treatments, covering larger areas in much less time!

The Excellence of the MeDioStar®

We are proud to offer treatments with the state-of-the-art MeDioStar® laser, a pinnacle of laser technology ensuring fast, effective, and comfortable hair removal. Its innovative design allows us to provide combination wavelengths of light perfectly suited to penetrating deep into hair follicles while safeguarding the surrounding skin.

The MeDioStar® laser’s capability is so versatile, it extends to ALL SKIN COLORS!

The MeDioStar® is equipped with specialized handpieces, each allowing for precise application over any body part, big or small. The 360° contact skin cooling system minimizes discomfort, making the hair removal process very comfortable.

Our advanced technology emits precise wavelengths of light that travel beneath the skin to specifically target the melanin (pigment) in your hair. The laser light is then transformed into heat, disabling a follicle’s ability to nurture and produce another hair.

It is important to note:  Successful permanent hair removal strongly depends on your provider’s full understanding hair growth cycles, including the anagen, catagen, and telogen growth phases. A Bare Necessity’s treatments are specifically designed to intercept hair while still in the anagen or ‘growing’ phase (while the follicle is actively attached to its capillary blood supply) which makes that follicle vulnerable to the laser treatments. Given the varied timing of each hair’s growth phases, multiple sessions are required to achieve thorough and lasting results. This information and more are discussed during your free consultation.

Why Understanding the Hair Growth Cycle Matters

Effective laser hair removal demands strategic timing. The anagen or ‘growing’ phase is our target and the perfect timing for the laser to do its work. During the period of active hair growth, the capillaries (i.e. food source for the hair) are still present so the treatments can cauterize or seal them off. Since each hair operates on its own growing cycle, repeated sessions in relatively close succession are required in order to catch as many follicles as possible in their growing, anagen phase.

The number of recommended sessions will vary based on factors such as skin type, hair color and thickness, density of hair growth, timing of treatments and the area being treated. Each of these factors play a part in the success of permanent hair removal and therefore it is critical that your laser hair provider fully grasps these intricacies.

A Bare Necessity provides a thorough complimentary consultation to educate you on these details, discuss your questions and to tailor a personalized hair removal plan designed just for you.

Begin Your Hair-Free Journey with A Bare Necessity

We invite you to experience the best in laser hair removal with our Astanza MeDioStar® diode laser.

Common Hair Removal FAQs

Who Is Eligible for Laser Hair Removal?

A Bare Necessity welcomes anyone looking to address unwanted hair growth. Our services cater to everyone. Not only that, our advanced laser technology allows us to accommodate ALL skin types of any color, ensuring everyone can achieve smoother, hair free skin.

Can We Treat All Hair Colors?

Yes, we can! Our knowledge and technology, whether we use the electrolysis or laser modality, allows us to effectively treat every color of hair, anywhere on the body.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

From your face to your feet, and everything in between, A Bare Necessity has you covered. Popular requests include facial areas (lips and chin, back of neck, full beards), underarms, chest, areolas, backs, arms, abdomen, bikini and brazilian/bro-zilians, legs and feet. Our medical-grade Astanza MeDioStar® laser ensures we can safely target and treat desired areas for the best laser hair removal results in Melbourne, Florida.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

Achieving long-lasting hair reduction through laser treatments typically requires eight to twelve sessions, spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart and is dependent on the location being treated. This schedule allows us to treat each hair while it is still in the anagen phase, or active growing stage, for the most efficient and effective results. Most laser providers place treatments 6 to 9 weeks apart and MISS active growing cycles of hair, ultimately extending your time waiting and paying to be hair free.

Why are Electrologists the Best Laser operators?

As Electrologists, performing Electrolysis (removing 1 hair at a time while visually observing the presence or absence of the root structure on each hair), we are best informed of the true timing between hair growth cycles for different areas of the body. We actually get to SEE the growth stage of each hair removed.

And when our client returns for their next treatment, we not only know the number of days between their treatments, but we then treat the newest growth hair in the previously cleared area and we LOOK at what comes out. If a majority of the newly removed hair is in the growing phase, our timing between appointments is good. If a majority of the removed hair is already in the shedding (dead) phase, we have to narrow the number of days (less time) between treatments to better catch the hair still attached to its blood supply.

Alternatively, when Laser treatments are performed, the hairs are left to purge out on their own and the actual % of ‘growing phase’ hairs sealed off from their blood supply each treatment is unknown. So, A Bare Necessity utilizes our experience and knowledge gained from performing electrolysis and apply that knowledge to scheduling your Laser sessions at the highest peak of growing phase hair in the areas being treated. This optimized scheduling affords our clients the fasted, most efficient and cost-effective Laser treatments.

The difference in A Bare Necessity’s practice lies in our intimate observation and knowledge of these hair growth cycles. We are able to utilize this information to accurately identify the best timing between each of your Laser treatments for the most successful and thorough treatments.

The KEY to successful hair removal is sticking to the schedule and timing designed specifically for you based on a multitude of factors. These criteria and more are all discussed and planned during your free consultation.

Does it hurt?

Comfort is key with our MeDioStar® laser, which features a 360º consistent contact skin cooling system. This innovative system pre-cools the skin before, during and after each laser pulse, ensuring a comfortable experience while safeguarding your skin against thermal damage.

Is the Laser Safe? Are There Any Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal?

MeDioStar® laser treatments are FDA-cleared and entirely noninvasive. Our licensed, trained and skilled laser hair removal providers will tailor a treatment plan to your specific skin and hair type. Some clients may experience temporary redness, itchiness, or swelling in the treatment area and these mild side effects typically fade within a few hours. For added comfort, we recommend applying aloe vera gel post-treatment and following the provided after-care instructions.